technology dependenceWe live in a time of overwhelming access to information. We are steadily barraged by information, whether we want it or not. The world is much more globally connected than it used to be, and we receive information via cell phones, computers, tablets, television, internet and a number of other electronic devices. Some of us make efforts to limit the time we spend interacting with our information and communications technology. Others are controlled by it and have developed an unhealthy dependence on it. This may seem harmless and commonplace, but actually, technology dependence has become a legitimate addiction and inspires unhealthy behavior and thought patterns.

A person addicted to information and communications technology, such as computers, laptops, smart phones and tablets, is overly reliant on their digital devices. They become anxious and irritable when separated from their digital device. They are using it excessively throughout the day with no regard for manners or social considerations. They use their digital device at meal times, on dates, in the middle of conversations, when they wake up and right before they go to sleep. This has negative effects on their relationships, reputation and even their physical health. Social scientists have found a connection between physical deterioration and technology addiction.

It should become a priority to anyone addicted to information and communications technology to curb their dependence. It is a matter of personal wellness and mental health. Any kind of addiction deteriorates your mental health, as well as your physical health if it is allowed to go on indefinitely. An addiction to technology may not seem like an urgent threat, but it does cause problems over time, some of which are very serious. If you are struggling with limiting yourself when it comes to information and communications technology, set personal goals for yourself, write out how you are going to achieve them and do not be ashamed to ask for outside help if you find yourself failing repeatedly. A great many people have overcome a great many addictions and would be more than happy to give you pointers.


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