Addiction is one of the greatest problems facing the world today. Many people are either addicted to substances like drugs and alcohol, or certain behaviors, that have affected different aspects of their health.

Hence, it becomes imperative to put some strategies in place to reduce the rate of addiction by first preventing it.

One of the major importance when it comes to using communication technology to prevent addiction is the volume of resources available online to facilitate this.

When you thoroughly comb the internet, you will discover several health tools like education and information blogs, well-detailed self-help programs, social network communities, etc.

With these resources, organizations, addiction treatment centers, and other NGOs can leverage this information to help in preventing addiction.

When it comes to putting addiction at bay, the first step is usually sensitization. And it is easy to achieve this with communication technology.

People need to learn the true meaning of addiction and do an introspection to check if they are struggling with addiction. When they come to understand what addiction entails, they can take further instructions on how to prevent getting addicted.

Additionally, communication technology is essential in informing people about the short- and long-term effects that come with addiction.

For instance, many people around the world think it is cool to abuse drugs, not minding the negative effects that come with them.

When communication technology is properly utilized, people can understand that some of these substances can affect different aspects of their health if they are used in the long run. Communication technology is also helpful in connecting people with addiction counselors.

They can get access to reputable and qualified counselors to help them deal with abuse before it gets to the addiction phase.

Overall, communication technology provides individuals with helpful tips that will enable them to live a healthy life, free of addiction.

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