communication technology dependencePerhaps you have heard the terms “phone addiction” or “computer addiction” thrown around but do not have an understanding of what they mean or whether or not they matter. After all, can something that everyone owns pose any kind of legitimate problem? As it turns out, they can. Addiction to phones and computers is becoming a widespread phenomenon. On the whole, society has become overly dependent on this recent technology for its convenience and for its entertainment value. This would not matter if communication technology was not reducing our health, damaging our relationships and weakening our ability to focus on responsibilities, but it is.

When computers were first introduced, they had some addictive qualities even prior to the internet. When the internet became a household staple, their addictive appeal increased dramatically. Computers are the most advanced piece of technology that most people own, and our fascination with them is immense. They have incredible processing power for so many functions, including games, task management programs, web surfing, creative programs and many other features that allow their user endless entertainment. A person can become overly reliant on their computer for all the functions it can perform, both productive and entertainment oriented.

Cell phones pose a similar problem. Where as computers are more likely to be stationed at home, where people set aside time for focusing on them, cell phones literally travel with a person everywhere. This makes them very easy to be overly attached to. Some of the reasons we keep cell phones close by us are good reasons, such as to be accessible to our close friends and family in the event of emergencies, but some reasons are not as good, such as constantly browsing social media sites or looking up trending videos. It has been universally determined that this behavior is damaging our social skills, sense of community and understanding of appropriate boundaries. Cell phone and computer use are much healthier when they are strictly moderated.

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