Our current existence has a great deal of communication technology integrated into it. Anywhere we go to or find ourselves, we would definitely see something related to communication technology.

There are some people that even begin and end their days with these devices, as they rely on them for entertainment, communication and information.

As a matter of fact, all aspects of a nation have one or more connection to communication technology. As it stands now, without the availability of communication technology, we would be helpless.

However, there is nothing positive which exists, that does not come with demerits. At every place you find yourself, you will see communication devices like computers, phones and the likes, and these devices steal the place of essential social skills.

Communication technology comes with addictive properties, which is not good for the physical and mental health of anyone.

Addiction is basically defined as a condition whereby an individual places his or her full attention on something, to the point where it begins to define how they live their lives. Someone who is addicted would find it difficult to pay attention to other things, because there is a higher force in control.

Communication technology addiction occurs when an individual places full attention on either cell phones or computers, and not giving attention to other things.

There are some people who are addicted to communication technology, that they would operate their phones during the course of driving, and they see no wrong in doing this.

As a matter of fact, communication technology addiction has also prevented some people from being socially interactive. Therefore, they would rather focus on their phones all day, rather than interact with anyone who is staying close to them.

Instead of working, they would be on their computers and phones all through the day, and this causes a decline in their productivity.

Teenagers are not left out too, as they would rather operate their phones all through, thereby neglecting assignments. In the long run, it would reflect in their poor academic performance.

Communication technology has helped us to connect with family and friends who stay far away, in addition to other benefits, it is best that we combat addiction to communication technology, which is considered one of the greatest enemies of man.

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