It is correct to say that communication technology has transformed the lives of everyone today. In almost every family, there is a minimum of one device ranging from laptops to smartphones, television and a host of others.

The possession of these devices is to what end? It is to make our lives easier and more fun-filled. With these devices, we have been able to break geographical barriers and communicate with people far and near.

However, it is imperative to mention that communication technology comes with its adverse effects when it is not utilized properly. And the sad part is, a good number of people are victims of the negative effects of communication technology.

First, too much of tech solutions around us has made a good number of people possess poor social skills.

These days, several business meetings are held on Zoom, Skype and other teleconferencing platforms. For the younger generation, they meet and discuss more on chat rooms than real-time.

Due to this, it subtly competes for the essence of real-life communication where you implement features like facial expression, body language, voice tone and the likes.

Also, even though communication technology has made learning easier, there are major downsides to it.

There are some students who would rather plagiarize when they have assignments to submit. They do not have the luxury of time to study, so they would rather copy word-for-word.

This occurrence has affected the learning curve because these young individuals would rather dedicate their time for something else instead of learning online.

There are also physical effects of communication technology and one notable one is obesity. When you sit down all day at your Laptop or Phone, there is a huge chance for you to be obese. A sedentary lifestyle devoid of exercising makes people develop a bad posture and a curved backbone.

To wrap it up, some parts of the internet are not safe anymore. Some people have had their privacy and security infringed on because they visited a certain website.

It is crucial to mention that whilst reaping the benefits of communication technology, we should tread carefully in virtual space.

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