How to Limit Your Use of Communication Technology Read more

How to Limit Your Use of Communication Technology

When you identify a communication technology dependence within yourself, you are probably aware that your behavior is unhealthy and needs to change. An addiction to communication technology is not an emergency, but it will have damaging repercussions on your life if you do not bring it under control. Your loved ones will grow impatient with […]

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Dependent on Communication Technology

Perhaps you have heard the terms “phone addiction” or “computer addiction” thrown around but do not have an understanding of what they mean or whether or not they matter. After all, can something that everyone owns pose any kind of legitimate problem? As it turns out, they can. Addiction to phones and computers is becoming […]

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What is Communication Technology?

Modern communication technology has become a common global fixture, and is particularly prevalent in developed regions such as the United States and Canada. Mankind has always relied on some form of communication technology, though the early forms of it, such as horse and rider delivered letters and homing pigeons, are very rustic compared to modern […]

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Overuse of Communication Technology

We live in a time of overwhelming access to information. We are steadily barraged by information, whether we want it or not. The world is much more globally connected than it used to be, and we receive information via cell phones, computers, tablets, television, internet and a number of other electronic devices. Some of us […]